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国际真人视频 releases third quarter reportFurther deepening the strategy of combining industry with finance to achieve steady growth in net profit
发布时间: 2020-11-02

  国际真人视频娱乐ag. (601866.SH/2866.HK, hereinafter “国际真人视频”) released the 2020 third quarter report on the evening of 30 October. The Company recorded revenue of RMB12,708 million in the first three quarters of 2020, an increase of 24.80% over the same period last year. Net profit attributable to shareholders of the Listed Company and other equity holders amounted to RMB 1,672 million, representing a considerable increase of 29.5% compared with the same period last year.

  Challenging complex market environment and tapping opportunities for stable development

  In 2020, the pandemic continues to impact the global economic and financial system. The complex and ever-changing international political and economic environments entail higher instability and uncertainty, whereas digital development and the application of innovative technologies provide new opportunities for the extension of the global supply chain. In the face of a market environment where challenges and opportunities coexist, 国际真人视频 actively broadens and deepens various segments around its principal shipping business, and continuously improves its core competitiveness to achieve steady growth in net profit.

  During the reporting period, the Company realised internal and external development of its shipping and leasing business, further strengthened coordination in the industry chain, and actively expanded business coverage to improve overall investment returns. In respect of other industry leasing businesses, the Company worked hard to expand financing channels with stronger risk control to effectively reduce finance costs. Regarding the container manufacturing business, the Company sought for orderly production and operation, continuously improved research and innovation capabilities, and strived to expand product areas while actively promoting self-discipline in the industry to maintain the healthy development of the container manufacturing sector. As for the investment and service business, the Company focused on golden opportunities in the upstream and downstream segments of the shipping industry chain, committed itself to expand the business area of the supply chain financial service, and further deepened the strategy of combining industry with finance.

  Focusing on the principal business and expanding business areas to enhance value creation capability

  The Company upholds the idea of boosting industry development with finance and continues to enhance its core competitiveness around the principal shipping business. On 13 October, the Company announced the agreement to transfer shares of China International Marine Containers (Group) to further optimise its asset structure and focus on the sustainable development of its principal business. On 22 October, the Company signed relevant agreements to order ten multi-purpose pulp vessels, which would be leased to COSCO SHIPPING Specialized under an operating lease, to tap into the subsegment of the vessel leasing business and enhance the value creation capability of the Listed Company.

  国际真人视频 will further adhere to the initial goal of shipping finance, clarify its strategic positioning, and continue to build an integrated financial service platform for the logistics industry with the features of COSCO SHIPPING and global competitiveness to safeguard the interests of all shareholders.

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国际真人视频娱乐ag. (the “Company” or “国际真人视频”), formerly known as China Shipping Container Lines Company Limited, is a subsidiary of China COSCO SHIPPING Corporation Limited (“China COSCO SHIPPING” or “COSCO SHIPPING”) specialized in supply-chain financial services. The Company was established in 1997, with head office in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China (the “PRC”), and is listed both in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The registered capital of the Company is about RMB11.61billion.
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