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Discover about Men’s Well being

November 2nd, 2013

Oct 30, 2013

Is your memory a issue?

Photograph of a stylized brain

Is your memory a problem? Check out the MedlinePlus memory subject matter webpage to find out much more.

Your mind functions a good deal like a computer. Your mind puts info it judges to be important into “files”…

Oct 30, 2013

Find out about Men’s Health

Men having breakfast

Gentlemen – understand what you need to have to do to remain wholesome. Check out the MedlinePlus Men’s Wellness subject matter web page.

Most guys require to pay out a lot more interest to their health. Compared to females, guys are far more probably to…

Oct 28, 2013

Director’s Responses: Treatment Advantages from EHRs

Listen to the NLM Director's Comments

Listen to the NLM Director’s Responses on “Treatment Rewards from EHRs”. The transcript is also offered.

Emergency space use and hospitalization charges for diabetes clients declined following a massive California medical service provider launched an electronic health information method, finds a 5 yr examine not too long ago printed in the Journal of the American Healthcare Affiliation

Oct 22, 2013

New Matter Webpage: Chiari Malformation

Illustration of the brain

Pay a visit to the new MedlinePlus Wellness Topic web page on Chiari Malformation.

Chiari malformations (CMs) are structural defects in the cerebellum. The cerebellum is the component of the brain that controls harmony…

October 21, 2013

Know the symptoms and symptoms of a stroke

Illustration of the brain

Know the symptoms and indicators of a stroke, and what to do in an emergency. Pay a visit to the MedlinePlus stroke topic webpage.

A stroke is a medical crisis. Strokes happen when blood circulation to your mind stops. Inside minutes, brain cells start to die…

Oct 21, 2013

Director’s Remarks: What the U.S. Gains from International Health Investigation

Listen to the NLM Director's Comments

October 18, 2013

Want to insert MedlinePlus to your possess web site?

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MedlinePlus delivers widgets that allow you to embed MedlinePlus content in your own Net websites, blogs, and personalized homepages. Check out our widgets webpage to learn a lot more.

Oct 18, 2013

Anatomy Films on MedlinePlus

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Want to know how your human body functions? Check out the anatomy movies on MedlinePlus. These movies display the anatomy of body components and organ methods and how conditions and situations influence them.

Oct 18, 2013

Director’s Feedback: Caregiver Assistance &amp Better Communication

Listen to the NLM Director's Comments

October 17, 2013

Understand about widespread eyesight troubles

Illustration of external and internal eye anatomy

Understand about common vision difficulties and how to keep your eyes healthful. Visit the MedlinePlus eye ailments subject matter page. Some eye issues are minor and fleeting…

Oct 17, 2013

October Is Breast Cancer Recognition Month

Photograph of breast cancer ribbon

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Pizz’alad: Why Pizza with a Salad on Best Will Alter Almost everything You At any time Cherished About Pizza

August 16th, 2013

Pizz’alad: Why Pizza with a Salad on Top Will Change Everything You Ever Loved About Pizza

My spouse, Russ, is a pizza fanatic. A salad glistening with a skinny coat of dressing is a lot more up my alley. So to maintain us content, I began creating both. Not just pizza with a side of salad, but a pizza that was a salad. A pizz’alad, if you will. A pizza that took the goodness of pizza—a slender crackly crust, the mmmm-inducing pungency of melted cheese—and merged it with the snap of lettuce and the virtues of farm-new greens. I know it appears a little strange, but it has been a Massive strike amongst my buddies and family. It helps make for a memorable meal where both pizza fans and salad enthusiasts can be content. Best your pizza with salad and provide with icy beer, wine and no-fuss appetizers like olives and you’ve obtained a recipe for a calm get-jointly.

Related: six New Pizz’alad Recipes

Want to consider a stab at producing your possess pizz’alad? Here’s what you need to have to know.

1) Have All Your Elements Ready
This is classic cooking guidance, stemming from the idea of mise en location, a extravagant French way of saying “get organized ahead of you start off cooking.” This is particularly important when making pizz’alad, simply because after the dough is in the oven or on the grill, you are going to want to go fast. Prep all your veggies and toppings and have them all set to go in close proximity to your oven or grill. That way, you won’t be chopping furiously while your crust is baking. When you rush, accidents are most very likely to come about.

two) Double Your Dough or Make It Ahead
If you are producing pizz’alad for a social gathering or even just want to get a soar on issues, contemplate making your dough forward or doubling the recipe. The Whole-Grain Pizza Dough (get the recipe right here) is critically forgiving. You can make it the working day prior to and retailer it in your fridge. You can make it a week forward (or lengthier) and freeze it. (Just enable it defrost in your fridge overnight.) You can drop it off the roof of a twenty-story creating and still it will bake up completely for you. You can knead it by hand or make it in a meals processor fitted with a dough blade. (I like this way the most.) And although you’re at it, double the recipe (even a doubled recipe will work in the meals processor). Even if you really do not use the two balls of dough, you’ll have one on hand for next time.

three) Toss the Salad Greens Just Before Serving
This is kind of Salad one zero one, but it’s especially essential with pizz’alad. Dressing wilts greens fast. And when you are tossing greens for pizz’alad, you want to pile on the dressing given that it is the dressing that soaks into the crust and keeps the pizz’alad from getting to be dry. As soon as your crust is out of the oven, that’s a very good time to toss your salad.

four) Permit the Crust Awesome a Bit Prior to Topping
Given that you’ll be incorporating refreshing greens to the best of your pizza, you ought to allow the crust cool for about five minutes just before incorporating your greens. That way the greens won’t wilt instantly.

5) Just take It to the Grill
Pizz’alads are perfect for summer time cookouts, so go ahead and get them outdoors to prepare dinner. Grilling pizza is simple. Here’s how you do it: Preheat the grill to medium-high. Slide the dough on to the grill rack and near the lid. Cook right up until it’s frivolously puffed and browned on the base, one to 3 minutes. Transfer to a pizza peel, charred-aspect up. Unfold your toppings and return to the grill. Shut the lid and prepare dinner right up until browned, 3 to five minutes. Prime with the salad.

Margherita Pizz’alad
Get, Print and Share This Recipe!
This Italian-flag-inspired Margherita pizza recipe is topped with juicy tomatoes and slices of clean mozzarella. What could make it greater? Including a salad on leading of the pizza to make a pizz’alad. In this situation the Margherita pizza is topped with a salad of arugula, basil and parsley tossed with a tangy balsamic vinaigrette. Bread flour offers the pizza crust a crisp and strong framework, but all-purpose flour operates nicely in its area. You can also attempt a gluten-totally free pizza crust variation.

Have you at any time topped pizza with salad? Share your favored blend! Inform us what you consider beneath.

Hilary Meyer, Food Site, Supper, Entertaining, Family members foods

EatingWell Associate Foods Editor Hilary Meyer spends a lot of her time in the EatingWell Check Kitchen, tests and developing healthier recipes. She is a graduate of New England Culinary Institute.

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Mothers-To-Be Want to Be Intelligent About Drugs

August 3rd, 2013


A mom and her unborn kid share a vital bond. The fetus absorbs nutrition from its mom. In this identical way, it can also be exposed to dangerous substances-some of which you may be storing in your medication cabinet. Not all medicines are protected to use while expecting. And discovering trustworthy info about them isn’t really often straightforward.


Practically 9 out of 10 females in the U.S. just take at the very least one particular medication when they are expecting. That includes prescription medicines and more than-the-counter (OTC) treatments for typical ailments, such as colds, heartburn, and muscle discomfort. What is actually more, a developing quantity of ladies are on these prescription drugs throughout the very first 3 months of being pregnant, an essential time in a fetus’ growth.


What might this mean for a baby’s health? Unfortunately, specialists are not always certain. A number of drugs, this sort of as some that deal with depression or skin troubles, have been identified to trigger birth problems. Commonly utilized OTC medications also may damage the fetus. Aspirin, for case in point, may impair the fetus’ blood stream when taken in the final a few months of being pregnant.


For several drugs, although, safety information for mothers-to-be isn’t well identified. Why? Just before a drug can be bought, the Food and drug administration requires the company to test its safety. As a precaution, these research typically will not contain pregnant ladies. Therefore, it isn’t often very clear how the medication may possibly in the end have an effect on an unborn little one.


Numerous pregnant girls request their well being care supplier about medication use. Which is the very best source of reliable data on drug basic safety. Even so, in accordance to a modern survey, sixty per cent of females worldwide also scour the Internet. And unfortunately, their search final results may possibly be deceptive.

In a recent research, scientists done their very own Internet search for lists of prescription drugs secure to use although expecting. They pinpointed twenty five web sites with these kinds of postings. None of the sites included harmful drugs on their lists. But a lot of unsuccessful to mention how minor is truly acknowledged about medication labeled as safe. Scientists concluded that these lists may falsely guarantee girls of a medication’s security.

Always talk with your well being treatment provider to locate out much more details.

Women’s Health – Health care College of South Carolina

Thinking about Start Handle? Know Your Possibilities

May 19th, 2013


Girls right now have far more birth manage possibilities than ever ahead of. The condom, the tablet, the patch-to name just a few. In simple fact, a lot more than 3-quarters of sexually energetic females in the U.S. have experimented with at minimum three different strategies of contraception. Knowing more about your possibilities can assist you decide on the very best 1 for you.


In a modern authorities study, scientists questioned more than twelve,000 girls about their start control use. They then compared the responses to a equivalent 1995 survey. Overall, 62 % of contributors between ages 15 and forty four described that they at present employed some kind of contraception.


The pill continues to be a popular decision, particularly amid girls young than 24. Other notable findings: Fewer females are relying on the condom. Much more females are selecting intrauterine gadgets (IUDs). And sterilization is nevertheless a top selection for older ladies and these who currently have young children.


Start manage options can be divided into 4 classes, primarily based on how they avoid being pregnant. Underneath is a breakdown to assist you better realize your selections.


Barrier approaches-These function by producing a barrier in between a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm. A widespread option is the condom. Other alternatives consist of a diaphragm, cervical cap, contraceptive sponge, and spermicides. In standard, barrier techniques are much less dependable in stopping pregnancy. But they may possibly be a great decision for females who can not use hormones.

Hormonal methods-These use the hormones estrogen, progestin, or both to quit ovulation or fertilization. Methods contain the capsule, the patch, and the vaginal ring. Girls may also obtain a hormonal injection referred to as Depo-Provera. When employed constantly and correctly, hormonal techniques can be really powerful. But some females experience side results, these kinds of as bleeding in between periods, headaches, and nausea.


Implanted products-Maybe the most properly-identified is the IUD, a T-shaped copper wire put in the uterus to stop fertilization. One more sort is a matchstick-sized rod inserted into the arm. It gradually releases progestin into the physique. Lasting at minimum 5 years, these small gadgets are quite efficient.

Sterilization-For girls who want to forever avert being pregnant, sterilization is the response. It contains chopping or tying off the fallopian tubes to cease fertilization. A modest, versatile insert could also be positioned in the tubes. Important to be aware: This technique is not reversible.


When choosing a birth handle approach, chat with your medical doctor about the execs and cons of all accessible possibilities. And be positive to request how well they generally function. Investigation has identified that several females overestimate the effectiveness of their contraceptive choice.


Usually talk with your wellness treatment company to discover out far more details.

Women’s Overall health – Health-related University of South Carolina

All You Require To Know About Vegan Cheese

May 9th, 2013

What do you indicate by Vegan?

Veganism is a phrase indicating &lsquonon-dairy vegetarianism&rsquo. The term &lsquovegan&rsquo was initial utilized in England in the yr 1944, by Donald Watson, who is also the co-founder of the Vegan Society.

The modern society was founded on 1st November which is now celebrated as Vegan Working day. Men and women adhering to Veganism stick to a strict vegetarian diet plan and refrain from the use of all dairy items as nicely as eggs.

In other words and phrases, veganism is &lsquothe doctrine that male ought to live with no exploiting animals&rsquo. Vegans, in addition, do not use any animal merchandise or by-goods, be it honey, wool, leather-based, fur, silk or soaps and cosmetics made employing animal items.

What is Vegan Cheese?

Vegan Cheese is generally a non-dairy cheese. It is made from plant foodstuff. This kind of cheese does not incorporate rennet which is an extract from the stomach of animals, used in producing cheese.

Vegan cheese

What is Vegan Cheese created of?

There are numerous various brands which supply for distinct fundamental ingredients. As vegan cheese is plant-dependent, it can be produced from solidified vegetable oil, soy protein, tapioca flour, pea protein, all-natural enzymes, vegetable glycerin, arrowroot, assorted bacterial cultures, and dietary yeast and from nuts like cashew, almond, macadamia, and so on.

Why do folks try to eat Vegan Cheese?

People may pick to consume vegan cheese because of to various causes for instance,&nbspif they comply with a vegan life-style which can be due to the fact of wellness causes, for the preservation of the surroundings, or for moral/ethical causes.

They might decide on vegan cheese, in particular, if they are lactose intolerant and therefore, sensitive to milk and dairy products.

What are the positive aspects of Vegan Cheese?

For individuals of us adhering to a vegan diet, vegan cheese is almost certainly one particular of the ideal sources of protein. As it is a non-dairy cheese it contains considerably much less quantities of saturated fat. In addition, it is&nbspcholesterol-free of charge.

Mostly it is free of charge from preservatives and has much less energy. It is also mentioned to decrease the danger of developing coronary heart condition and sort 2 diabetic issues.

What are the diverse types of Vegan Cheese?

There are many brands accessible now that offer a big range of vegan cheeses, some come really close to the genuine thing although other people are just substitutes and do not evaluate to the genuine cheese. Under are some of the simple kinds of vegan cheese &ndash

  • &bull&nbspTough Cheese &ndash Hard vegan cheese can be used as slices or grated. It is typically used to make pizzas, lasagnas, sandwiches, sauces, scones, rolls or baked potatoes. Becoming non-dairy in character, most vegan cheese kinds&nbspdo not very melt the exact same way as dairy cheese. Challenging vegan cheese arrives in cheddar, mozzarella and Gouda styles alongside with a number of other individuals.
  • &bull&nbspDelicate Cheese &ndash This cheese has a smoother texture, comparable to that of a product cheese. It can be used as a distribute on bread, scones, and so on. It is acknowledged to appear in a handful of added flavors as properly this kind of as Mexican fashion, garlic and herbs, and many others.
  • &bull&nbspDietary Yeast Flakes &ndash These flakes can be employed as a cheese flavoring and topping as it has really a wonderful tacky flavor. As it very easily melts, it can be added to casseroles and sauces, or on top of pizzas and lasagna
  • &bull&nbspCheese Slices &ndash There are many brand names that provide vegan cheese slices, they are comparable in look to the standard cheese slices and like them can also be utilised in sandwiches, which can be grilled, or baked as required. Like the challenging cheese range, it might be vastly various from the dairy cheese slices when it comes to melting.
  • &bull&nbspFeta Cheese and Cottage Cheese – There are a single or two manufacturers that provide feta-fashion cheese. As significantly as cottage cheese is involved, tofu is a great substitute for the very same.

Items to be Kept in Brain when Buying Vegan Cheese

  1. It could contain non-vegetarian ingredients:

    If you are subsequent a strict vegan diet, it is constantly very best to take a appear at the substances of meals products purchased from the keep, as it could include some substances that are non-vegetarian in nature, like gelatin or some strange flavoring which does not go as element of the vegan diet program.
  2. May possibly have&nbspcasein:

    Casein is a compound derived from milk, it is utilized to bind the cheese jointly and increase texture. Some brands may use casein in their cheese, it is better to choose out a cheese that is particularly marked as &lsquovegan&rsquo when browsing the shop.
  3. Require to view out for allergy symptoms:

    As the cheese is produced from soy, rice, nuts and tofu between other individuals, people with allergies to 1 or much more components need to be cautious when buying their cheese. Most of the cheese offered is created from 1 base ingredient, so that individuals with sensitivity to the primary ingredient can avoid that cheese.

Study far more about All You Require To Know About Vegan Cheese at

Natural House Solutions

Top 5 Myths About Diabetes

January 3rd, 2013

There are several myths and misconceptions relevant to Diabetes that ought to be clarified for correct control of this condition.

Fundamentally, diabetes is a metabolic condition induced when the pancreas stops generating a hormone referred to as insulin, or when insulin does not function effectively.

This peptide hormone regulates carbohydrate and excess fat metabolism in the human body. It gets rid of surplus glucose from the blood. As a result, inadequate production of ineffective use of insulin qualified prospects to substantial amounts of blood sugar.

Sort 1 diabetes or juvenile diabetes is typically triggered by a genetic predisposition while sort-2 diabetes can be caused by genetic as nicely as life-style variables.

However, there are different myths regarding the growth and administration of diabetes that can make it tough to comprehend this critical condition.

five Most Frequent Myths Connected to Diabetes


This is perhaps the most prevalent myth connected with Diabetes that has even been declared false by scientific bodies.

Even so, diabetes, variety-2 diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes, in particular, is attributed to overeating and obesity, not just over intake of sweets.

When an individual will take extra energy that the physique does not require for power,&nbspthe body&nbspconverts these calories into fat. In addition, it impairs insulin operate in the mind and stops the breakdown of excess fat.

Reports propose that overeating brings about your mind to build insulin resistance. Thus, any diet plan which is higher in calories can enhance the chances of getting to be chubby and establishing diabetes. These calories can appear from sugars, carbohydrates and fats.

The American Diabetes Association, therefore, suggests constraining one&rsquos consumption of sugary beverages like normal soda, fruit punch, power beverages, sports activities beverages, and so on.

Sugary treats

This is yet again untrue. People struggling from diabetes, require not give up sugar completely they just need to have to manage the whole quantity of sugars and carbohydrates they just take.

Hence, you can have your favorite dessert, even though in a limited quantity. You can even&nbspeat small amounts of sugary treats, offered you are having well balanced medication and subsequent your exercising routine. However, do not try out to &lsquocover&rsquo something you take in with your diabetes drugs.


Like sugar, foods containing carbohydrates, as well, need to have not be offered up. In reality, carbohydrates are an crucial portion of any diet due to the fact they provide energy.

Even so, a diabetes diet demands you to look at the quantity of carbohydrates you take in simply because it influences blood sugar ranges.

Complicated carbohydrates, however, are regarded greater than simple carbohydrates. Thus, you can have brown bread, brown rice, large-fiber cereals, beans, peas, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and so on.

At moments, individuals prefer to have proteins more than carbohydrates, but they need to don’t forget that a diabetes diet regime calls for protein as only as&nbsp15-20% of the whole energy.

Diabetes test

There is no this kind of issue as &lsquoslight&rsquo or borderline diabetes you can both have diabetes or not have diabetes. You can find out the various tests requirements for the diagnosis of diabetes, below.


Diabetes is not a curable condition. Nevertheless, this metabolic dysfunction can be managed and managed efficiently with insulin. Variety 1 diabetes, in particular, may demand insulin.

Type two diabetes, nevertheless, is initial managed with diabetes diet program, workout and fat reduction. If these actions fall short to give control the blood sugar stages, then oral medicines are utilised.

In circumstance the situation does not boost even right after the oral medications then insulin therapy is considered. The oral drugs for diabetes are not the very same as insulin they help minimize blood glucose ranges, stimulate insulin creation, enhance insulin furnish, promote the liver to make much less glucose, or make the physique a lot more sensitive to insulin.

Study more about Best five Myths About Diabetes at

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Know What to Do about the Flu!

December 9th, 2012

The December problem of NIH News in Overall health is now accessible.

Showcased stories contain “Really do not Just Sit There! Shift for Your Overall health” and “Counting Carbohydrates? Knowing Glycemic Directory and Glycemic Load”. Also, check out out the wellness capsules and the highlighted Web web site.

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“Get Intelligent About Antibiotics” Week

November 13th, 2012

Pay attention to the NLM Director’s Feedback on HPV Vaccine Not Linked with Increased Sexual Action. The transcript is also available.

Some of the scientific outcomes connected with female sexual activity did not improve comparatively amid 11-twelve yr previous ladies right after they received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, indicates a groundbreaking examine lately revealed in Pediatrics.

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five myths about tea

November 2nd, 2012

5 myths about tea

You most likely previously know that tea is an exceptionally balanced beverage. In fact, research present that if you drink tea frequently, you may possibly decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s and diabetes, furthermore have much healthier teeth and gums and more robust bones. But not every little thing you’ve observed about tea is true. Listed here are 5 myths about tea busted:

Need to-Study: Well being Positive aspects of Tea, Furthermore Buying and Steeping Suggestions

Myth one: Incorporating milk to tea negates the health advantages. Despite the fact that some reports have suggested adding milk to tea undoes its soul-balanced benefits, recent research states that’s not necessarily the case… roughly the exact same quantity of catechins (anti-oxidants joined with a decreased danger of some cancers) had been absorbed from milk-tinged tea as from plain black tea, in accordance to a review published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Myth 2: Peppermint tea is a excellent choice for tummy difficulties. Even though a cup of natural tea can help to soothe an upset belly, mint is not always the greatest option. Peppermint aggravates a situation known as GERD (gastrointestinal reflux illness)—recurrent heartburn. A greater choice for an upset belly𠅎specially nausea or movement sickness—is ginger tea. Just steep a quarter-size piece of refreshing ginger in boiling drinking water. (Find out 4 more cures from your cooking area listed here.)

Connected: eight of the World’s Healthiest Spices

Myth three: Tea is healthiest when nothing at all is extra to it. The citric acid in a squeeze of lemon juice—or lime or orange juice—will aid to protect the flavanoids in tea if you’re brewing it in advance (this sort of as if you’re creating iced tea). The flavanoids are the compounds considered dependable for several of tea’s health boons. Also, introducing honey to your tea might make you far more successful on the task, indicates a modest 2010 review printed in the journal Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental. When research individuals drank the two collectively, researchers located that regions of the brain connected with attention labored much more successfully than when tea was sipped solo.

Myth 4: Natural tea is tea. In fact, correct tea will come from the plant Camellia sinensis. While black, eco-friendly, oolong and white teas occur from this plant, organic kinds are usually produced from the blossoms and even bark of other vegetation. Organic teas are technically tisanes.

Myth 5: Tea doesn’t go bad. Tea does have a shelf daily life: 6 months. Following that, it starts off to drop its anti-oxidants. A 2009 study in the Journal of Meals Science showed that catechins in eco-friendly tea reduced markedly above time. Following six months, catechin ranges have been 32 p.c reduced. Make the most of the antioxidants by storing tea in a sealed container in a darkish, awesome area. (Find out when vitamins in other food items expire.)

Have to-Read: Overall health Causes to Drink Espresso (and Cons to Contemplate)

Do you know any other tea myths that need busting? Inform us what you believe under.

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Kerri-Ann Jennings is a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in nutrition from Columbia University.

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